Get Dramatic Lashes Without the Mascara!

A variety of looks can be a achieved with lash extensions.

Come in and have a complimentary consultation on which option would be best for you!

Packages include:

Now You See Me (45-60 minutes)  $65

To achieve the lustrous mascara look, lashes start out short at the inside of your eye and get longer at the edges to give you that signature exotic flair

Flaunt It (90 minutes)  $115

Perfect for flirting and fluttering, this set of lashes will make you feel like a million dollars without the mess of mascara.  Amazing right!

Camera Ready (2 hours)  $155

This fuller than full set of lashes is stunningly voluminous and perfectly provocative These are the lashes you swore you only saw on TV

Lash Fills (45 minutes – 60 minutes)



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